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LC provides services for both Studio recording and Live sound.
We specialise in providing audio for Film, TV as well as creating Branded Audio for companies and organisations.
LC is a network of audio and music professionals for whatever your audio needs.

Be Still. And Play.

For some strange reason recording captures not only the sound but the emotions of the performers. It’s the magic that makes our hair stand on end and goosebumps to spread across our backs whenever a musician or a singer hits the sweet spot. LCR is focused on making that happen and then¬†making sure the tape is running when it does.

At LC Recordings artists¬†have unlimited access to the studio in the heart of the Scottish countryside. A relaxed pace, silence, …

It takes time to settle into a creative space, to breathe and to still the relentless stream of thoughts, to let your creative and emotional energies flow.

The focus of being here is that there are no distractions. We are a network of musicians and audio professionals that supply music and audio to Film, TV and commercial industries.

The studio itself is a hi-end analogue and digital setup, located in the heart of Scotlands beautiful Ayrshire countryside. We use the very best mics and preamps to make sure the recordings are the best they can be.

  • *Studio Hire
  • From ¬£20 per hour
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  • *Professional Mixing
  • From ¬£35 per track
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  • *Audio Restoration
  • From ¬£35 per hour
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For studio hire local accommodation can be arranged. Prices are a guide only and subject to conditions.


We do special deals for emerging artists. LC Recordings is a member of WIN ( Worldwide Independent Network ) which means we work hard to ensure artists get clear, transparent and fair deals. We are happy to chat with you on all the aspects of the music business so when your musical creation is ready you know exactly how to commercialise and protect your work.

The recording studio is located in the quiet and beautiful Ayrshire countryside in Scotland. The nearest airport is Prestwick and Glasgow is one hour in the car. Ayr is the closest big town. Come and visit, we’ll pick you up.


Somewhere in South Ayrshire, Scotland


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